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Erich (Shades) Schaedler was the son of a German prisoner of war who settled in Scotland after the Second World War.

With a passion for football, Shades set out to play professionally and became one of the hardest men in the game with a reputation as a fearsome tackler and competitor.


Shades Book 2


He also backed up his talent with a rigorous fitness regime which was way ahead of its time and possessed a long throw which terrorised defences.

He was part of the highly successful Turnbull's Tornadoes at Hibernian in the 1970s and made the Scotland squad for the 1974 World Cup Finals, coincidentally in West Germany, the land of his forefathers.

Colin Leslie is Sports Editor at the Scotsman.

He has been a print journalist for more than twenty years. He also collaborated with Wales 1958 World Cup star Mel Charles and legendary goalkeeper John 'Budgie' Burridge in producing their autobiographies.

As a wild-eyed 'Hibs Kid' on a stadium tour in the Eighties, he came across Erich Schaedler pumping iron alone in the gym, but happy to take a break to sign autographs and chat with delighted young supporters - this engaging character clearly made a lasting impression.

This is a fantastic read and a must read for any Hibs fan.


Shades Book 3

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