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To celebrate the release of their new book ‘Lifted Over The Turnstiles’, DC Thomson & Co Ltd. have produced an interactive list named Scottish Football Memories, highlighting the most greatest and memorable moments of Scottish football.

With 100 unique Scottish football events to explore, the content was shortlisted through a ‘well-mannered’ debate between the staff at DC Thomson & Co Ltd. following many suggestions and nominations from fans.

Hibernian history is interlaced throughout the list, with such events as the twelve-goal Scottish Premier League thriller with Motherwell in 2010, Willie Hamilton’s nutmeg on Jim Baxter in 1964, and of course, the Leith side’s heroics in the 2016 Scottish Cup Final, all making an appearance. Other Hibernian events are included, however we will not divulge here!




The publication ‘Lifted Over The Turnstiles: Scotland’s Football Grounds in the Black & White Era’, features a collection of photographs and anecdotes about Scottish football stadiums in the early to mid-20th century.

Written by Steve Finan, this immersive and nostalgic book pays tribute to the author’s personal Scottish football memories. The 260-page publication shows all of Scotland’s football grounds as they were when he was young. Some of Steve’s earliest memories are going to Dundee United games with his late dad David – from whom he has inherited the football gene.

The book is available to purchase on the official website of DC Thomson & Co Ltd. HERE.

Key highlights and the best moments from the Scottish Football Memories list are summarised below:


scottish football memories timeline 1


The Hibernian Historical Trust would like to thank DC Thomson & Co Ltd. kindly for sharing this great piece of work with our audience.

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