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The football boots in the photograph cover the period 1930s -1990s and illustrate the changing styles throughout the years.

The boots at the rear have been loaned to the Trust by the football museum at Hampden and are believed to date from the 1930's.

Made of thick leather, the boots feature high sides that offered the ankle some protection, a style common at that time, with steel toecaps reminiscent of working boots and leather studs nailed into the soles.


Hibernian Boots


Their very appearance makes one wonder how a player was able to exert any control, particularly on what would be a leather ball thatbwas prone to more than double in weight in wet weather.

The boots on the right date from the 1950's and were worn during this period by Hibernian's famous Scottish international centre forward Lawrie Reilly who donated them at the time as a prize in a newspaper competition.

The boots are somewhat contradictory in style. Made of lightweight leather they lack the ankle protection a style common with continentals at that time but still feature the older fashioned leather studs.

The initials LR and the number 9 are marked out on the soles using small nails for identification. The boots were donated to the Trust by Mr John Paul.

The pair on the left bearing the number 20 were worn by Hibernian player Gordon Hunter during the 1991-92 season and may well have been worn during the clubs Skol Cup victory over Dunfermline at Hampden in 1991.

The boots themselves have changed little in style since the 1950's except that the soles are now moulded and feature small rubber studs.

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